Healthy eating and physical activity policy

A Whole School Approach to a healthy lifestyle : Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Policy, involves the integration of oral health with general health, the alignment of common messages and pooling of resources. It entails a whole of government approach to health to ensure a sustainable environment for the prevention of non-communicable diseases including dental caries and dental erosion. The Maltese Dental Public Health unit was one of the main stakeholders in the formulation of the development of the policy, related strategy and implementation plan. Oral health is one of the target areas being addressed in this policy through an integrated lifestyle approach and targeted services.

While this is a new strategy (implemented as of October 2015), the implementation plan includes the key stakeholders time frame, indicators and evaluation and monitoring aspects. There is political commitment to guarantee the sustainability of the programme.

This policy includes :

  • A whole school approach to develop, implement and evaluate healthy eating and physical activity actions;
  • Enhancing the school environment taking into account the environmental determinants of behaviour;
  • Allowing only healthy food and beverage choices within the school environment;
  • Implementing health education in the school curriculum;
  • Implementing a comprehensive physical activity programme;
  • Encouraging partnerships with parents and the community;
  • Ensuring the provision of professional development for educators;
  • Further developing school health services.

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