Delivering Better Oral Health - An evidence based toolkit for prevention

The DBOH toolkit was published by Public Health England, as the lead agency, in conjunction with key partners, including the Department of Health, National Health Service (NHS) England and the British Association for the Study of Community Dentistry (BASCD). The toolkit provides clear evidence-based, oral health improvement interventions and updated advice to help dental teams promote oral health and prevent oral disease in their patients. It is intended for use by the whole dental team throughout primary dental care, and other health and social care workers.

Since the first publication of DBOH in 2007 there have been some significant impacts :

  • Reformulation of toothpaste by manufacturers
  • The advice to spit out after brushing rather than rinsing away the fluoride in toothpaste, has been widely disseminated and is expected to contribute to reduced levels of decay in both adults and children.
  • The advice regarding the use of fluoride varnish has led to a number of changes; data shows significantly increased prescribing of high fluoride toothpaste and increased provision of fluoride varnish application within NHS dental practices in England.
  • DBOH is now part of the undergraduate curriculum in some dental schools.
  • The toolkit has informed commissioners and has allowed the development of contracts that encourage prevention.

Download our publications below

  • Best Practices in Oral Health Promotion and Prevention from Across Europe

    Best Practices in Oral Health Promotion and Prevention from Across Europe

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