Platform's future priorities set at annual Board and Associate members meeting ahead of 2024 EU elections

On 20 November 2023, over 20 Board and Associate Members of the Platform gathered in Brussels for the Platform’s annual meeting. For the first time since the pandemic, great enthusiasm from the many colleagues who joined the fruitful discussions in person drove the day, providing insightful perspectives on the Platform’s #strategicpriorities for the next years, and advancing key policy asks for our brand new #Manifesto ahead of the upcoming EU elections.

Placing oral health in the #EU‘s #healthpolicy agenda will be crucial as oral conditions strongly contribute to the European #NCD burden, and the Platform stands ready to support policymakers in tackling these issues and promote the health and well-being of people across Europe.

A little different from previous meetings, the second half of the day took the form of a rotating interactive workshop. In light of the 2024 #EUelections, our Members discussed how to best engage with the Members of the #EuropeanParliament and the #Council with support from APCO Worldwide‘s seasoned experts Jacob Moroza-Rasmussen and Nicholas Whyte (he/him), as well as how to engage in advocacy efforts from a civil society perspective with input from European Alcohol Policy Alliance – Eurocare‘s Secretary General Florence Berteletti.

We wish to thank everyone for their participation and great contributions and look forward to continued collaboration across all organisations.