Platform for Better Oral Health in Europe calls for an integrated approach to oral health in Europe in letters to Commissioner Stella Kyriakides and WHO Regional Director for Europe, Dr Hans Kluge

The Platform for Better Oral Health was joined by its Members and Associate Members in letters to Commissioner Stella Kyriakides and WHO Regional Director Dr Hans Kluge, calling for increased policy action to carry forward the vision of the WHO’s Global Strategy on Oral Health at European level – with sufficient resources to ensure effective implementation.

The adoption of the “WHO global strategy on oral health” by the 150th Executive Board has indicated a milestone in global oral health, which was strongly supported by the EU and its Member States. However, oral health is not fully integrated into health promotion nor preventive strategies in addressing key common risk factors for non-communicable diseases in the European Region.

The Platform strongly believes that full integration of oral health in general health through effective policies can improve the overall health outcomes and reduce the burden of oral diseases and health inequalities in Europe. To this end, we are fully committed to facilitate the development of integrated oral health promotion and preventive strategies addressing the main determinants of non-communicable diseases.

We would therefore welcome the opportunity to have separate discussions with the European Commission and WHO Europe on how the Platform can best support the integration of oral health in the current European NCD and public health agenda – supporting the health of all.

Download our publications below

  • Joint letter to Commissioner Stella Kyriakides

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  • Joint letter to Dr Hans Kluge

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