Platform’s participation in the launch of the Joint Action on Health Information (InfAct)

On 7 March, the Platform participated in the launch of the Joint Action on Health Information (InfAct), which builds on previous EU initiatives (BRIDGE) with the aim to develop a sustainable EU health information system that supports each country’s knowledge, health research and policy-making by establishing a European Research Infrastructure Consortium on Health Information.

The Platform will collaborate with the work of Work Package (WP) 6 – Strengthen EU countries health information capacity. The WP focuses on developing and evaluating a capacity strengthening baseline programme that would support critical areas of health information use and management. The ultimate policy goal would be to reduce health information inequalities across Member States.

Through our participation in the WP, the Platform aims to improve the collection of robust oral health data across Europe.

The main expected outcome of the Joint Action is a sustainable solid infrastructure on EU health information by means of improving the availability of comparable, robust and policy-relevant health status data and health system performance information.