Over the past year, the Platform for Better Oral Health in Europe has been working on developing a systematic method to collect best practices in public health, with a particular focus on promotion and prevention in oral health across Europe. 

With this new call for submission, we want to develop a renewed and more comprehensive European repository of best practices in oral health and chronic disease prevention. This repository should:

  • Increase EU policy-makers’ understanding of the importance of oral health promotion and prevention;
  • Demonstrate the cost effectiveness of targeted public health prevention;
  • Provide the European Commission and Member States with examples of successful policies to protect their citizens from oral and chronic diseases, which could be replicated throughout Europe.

We know that general health and oral health share common risks factors, and poor oral health is often linked to a number of chronic conditions. Providing good examples of programmes that address oral health issues can help achieve better informed policy making. We are therefore looking for best practices that show:

  • Policies promoting oral health through innovative approaches have had a socio-economic impact;
  • Promoting oral health has improved the general health of the population or of a specific population group (seniors, children, pregnant women etc.);
  • Addressing a risk factor (tobacco, alcohol, obesity) has led to an improvement of the oral health, or the general health, of the population, or even of a specific population group (seniors, children, pregnant women etc.).

To contribute, it is just a one-step process of filling out the attached form with all the necessary information about the best practice that you want to submit. We have built this template using the criteria that were developed by the Joint Action on chronic diseases (CHRODIS), and which are used by the European Commission to rate best practices in public health.

By submitting a best practice with us, you and your network can help to better inform EU policy-makers and promote your own best practices on the European stage. After an assessment, some examples will be submitted directly to the European Commission via its online Best Practices portal. Through this portal, the Commission promotes best practices from across the EU and it is often consulted by policy-makers, having a real impact on future legislation or communications from the EU.

Once a best practice is submitted to us, our group of assessors will determine if it meets two thresholds – to be promoted on the Platform for Better Oral Health’s website, and if it could be submitted to the European Commission’s Best Practice portal and receive Europe-wide recognition. After the assessment, the Platform will send feedback to the author of the best practice submission.

Additionally, we welcome any organisations who had already submitted best practices in 2015 to resubmit them in the new format, showing any progress made.

We look forward to seeing your best practices to help better inform policy-makers and promote the best practices across Europe. We remain available for any questions you may have. To that end, you can contact our secretariat at secretariat@oralhealthplatform.eu

Key documents of interest: