The Platform welcomes prevention and promotion priorities of SK Presidency

Oral diseases remain a major public health problem both in Europe and worldwide. In fact dental caries is the most common chronic disease worldwide affecting over 3 billion people. They also have considerable economic and social burden on European societies and impact on the quality of life of the EU population.

There is strong evidence on the links between oral and general health. More importantly oral conditions share the same common risk factor as with many other chronic diseases. Sugar consumption is the main cause of dental caries, and also a key risk factor for obesity and diabetes. Smoking and chewing tobacco are also linked to several types of cancer (including oral cancer), respiratory disease, cardiovascular disease, and poor pregnancy outcomes whilst also increasing the risk of gum disease and tooth loss.

Therefore adopting the common risk factor approach and promoting healthy lifestyles is one of the main objectives of the Platform for Better Oral Health in Europe which will result in better oral and general health and better quality of life.

The Platform for Better Oral health in Europe welcomes the health priority of the Slovak Presidency in underlining the importance of prevention of chronic non-communicable diseases by promoting healthy lifestyles.

Improvement of oral health across Europe will lead to healthier EU citizens by helping to prevent and protect against other chronic diseases.